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CASE STUDY: Lower Street

Lower Street, an award-winning podcast production company, approached us to provide ongoing support in designing digital artwork for their many podcasts. With a portfolio of over 20 podcasts, including popular shows such as The Writers' Room, The Food Chain, and The Trip, Lower Street needed to ensure that their digital artwork effectively captured the essence of their podcasts, while also standing out from the competition.

Providing distinct digital artwork for an award-winning podcast production company.

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Project Brief

The Solution

Our solution was to create three distinct design concepts for each podcast, utilising a variety of graphic design techniques such as typography, colour theory, and composition.

These concepts were developed with the goal of creating a cohesive visual identity for each podcast, while also ensuring that each design was striking and memorable.


Once the concepts were presented to Lower Street, the company selected their favourite, and the design was further developed into the final podcast cover.

The finished designs were dynamic and unique, and effectively communicated the key messaging and theme of the podcast, which helped to make Lower Street's podcasts stand out from the rest.

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Increasing visibility and engagement with our creative designs.

The published designs were integral in increasing the visibility and engagement of Lower Street's podcasts in the digital space, catching the eye of their potential audience and giving each podcast their own identity.

The podcasts

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